May 2017 - May 2024

Location: Rotterdam

Commissioned by: Studio C.A.R.E., Stichting Stad in de Maak

We’re sorry to announce that there will be no residency programme this summer due to a change of location of the RCHL. We will be back next spring with a call for submissions via newsletter and instagram!

Find the past residencies here:

”Shared Spaces” Residency by Mark Henning and Aline Fantinatti (12.07. – 21.08. 2021)
”Water” Residency by Géraldine Heller (july – august 2022)


Studio C.A.R.E. is establishing an urban research-laboratory in the centre of Rotterdam for living and working under constant conditions of change.

We are researching and realising possibilities of sharing, using and transforming a space in a city. In terms of functional, experimental, modular, beautiful, resource-efficient and marketable conditions. We will rethink living in the city in a holistic way, looking beyond spatial issues.

The whole house, including our studio and our private space, works as a laboratory.


• tackling actual space-related issues of modern big cities: rising prices of inner city spaces, displacement of inhabitants, market-oriented politics instead of people-oriented city making, growing nomadism

• researching new ways of working and living

• experimentation spaces are just great!


• setting up residencies, workshops and showcases through open calls = the lab becomes temporarily a common space

• involving practitioners from a diverse range of disciplines in order to tackle as many aspects of the holistic approach as possible

• real-life testing through us, project-residents and the local community/neighbourhood

• using sustainable/ reuse material where possible

• producing own resources, e.g. water (filtered rainwater), energy, food

• documenting and archiving developed ideas and concepts